Reduce Your Restaurant Bill in Ohio – Guaranteed!


Whether you are an Ohio resident or just passing through, you may be leaving money on the table – quite literally. An unsuspecting eye may miss the line item on your bill, but Ohio is one of a fraction of states that taxes food eaten in restaurants. If you feel that it is your fiscal obligation, that’s fine.

If you prefer to save – which can happen quickly after a few restaurant visits – you can cut your bill in one easy, consistent step. In cities like Cleveland – subject to 8.0% sales tax after Cuyahoga county’s cut – you’ll easily see an impact.

Whether you’re frequenting one of the city’s numerous establishments, or you’re in a tucked away corner in the furthest reaches of the state, you stand to benefit. For a surcharge so easily overlooked, how can it be avoided?

While other states do not necessarily have clear-cut or easily-invoked exceptions, the state of Ohio exempts meals that are not consumed on the premises – that is, simply ask for your food “to go”, and your items will not be subject to sales tax.

The next time a cashier asks you the age-old question “for here or to go”, try not to reflexively respond with indifference. Your wallet will be glad you considered the other option.

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